I Can See You!
Baby Bonding 3D and 4D Ultrasound Studio
Gender Reveal Party
Special Introductory Offer only £149
Why not share the exciting experience of discovering your baby’s Gender
with your nearest and dearest.
Come along to I Can See You and enjoy a bespoke Gender Reveal Party
Your Party will Include;
A 15 minute Gender Discovery Appointment
where our sonographer will discover your baby’s Gender
but keep it a hidden secret (on a previous date to your party)

A 30 Minute gender reveal party;
Up to 15 guests
View your baby on our large screen and listen to its heartbeat
Gender reveal guesses from your guests using our gender reveal props
Opening of our gender reveal box (where pink or blue balloons will be released)
Black & white photos for each guest (maximum 10 included, extra photos may be purchased)
Colour 3D 8” X 10” photograph for Mum-to-be and Dad-to-be

Gender discovery is a free of charge option with all our packages (not including Early Pregnancy)
Baby Showers
A 60 minute hire of our Facility
Includes our Baby Bonding Package
You and your friends & family can see baby in 3D and 4D
Up to Fifteen guests

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10% Discount to all MIlitary Personnel